Stainless Steel Round Drum Tandoor

Stainless Steel Round Drum Tandoor - Basic

Our all oven heating devices area unit wide acknowledged for his or her glorious heating capability. In our in depth array, we provide chrome steel spherical oven Basic, that is appreciated for its high enduringness. Our all oven systems area unit offered in several size specifications to fulfill the general demands of the purchasers. This change of state appliance is wide used for change of state tandoori roti, nan roti and alternative food things

Main Uses –

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Residences

Stainless Steel Round Drum Tandoor

Our company has gained high plaudit for coming up with a good vary of oven systems. the great array offered by America includes chrome steel spherical oven business. oven is ancient preparation system of Asian country and wide used for creating Indian foods.

Stricking Properties –

  • Sturdyness
  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent Heating Capacity

Stainless Steel Round Drum Tandoor - Catering

Our company has gained high acclamation for designing a wide range of Tandoor systems. The comprehensive array offered by us includes Stainless Steel Round Tandoor Catering. Tandoor is traditional cooking system of India and widely used for making Indian foods.

Stricking Features –

  • Resistant to abrasive materials
  • Dimensional Accuracy
  • Quick heating

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